Find Curated Resources & Information on the #DevLearn Backchannel

If you can’t make it to Vegas, make sure you tune into the conference backchannel to find valuable resources and information being shared at DevLearn 2021. Follow @DevLearn on Twitter or join the conversation using the hashtag #DevLearn.

Be sure to also check out our additional curated conference backchannel resources. These resources are updated during and after the conference as an ongoing resource.


Add the hashtag #DevLearn to your tweets.

Backchannel Curator

Don’t miss the Backchannel Resources List curated by David Kelly (@LnDDave)

Backchannel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conference backchannel?
The conference backchannel is a tremendously valuable way for both conference attendees and non-attendees to enhance their conference-related learning through the use of technology, typically on a social media site such as Twitter. The conference backchannel is a place where conference attendees can maintain real-life conversations alongside live events at the conference.

What can I find on the conference backchannel?
On the conference backchannel, conference attendees can share their thoughts and ideas about the information being shared with others. It could be as simple as taking notes and sharing them with the world at large. What’s more exciting about this sharing is it extends beyond just notes from the presentation. Conference attendees share their own thoughts and experiences about the content. They share additional resources that add to those shared by the speakers. In short, through their sharing, they expand the content and become a part of the presentation.

How do I participate in the DevLearn backchannel?
Join the backchannel conversation by following @DevLearn on Twitter and adding the hashtag #DevLearn to any tweets you send. For those of you at the conference, using the conference app, be sure to link the app to your Twitter account so you can share any updates you post to the app with the Twitter backchannel.

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