What is DemoFest, and how is it structured?

DemoFest is a showcase of technology-based learning and performance support projects with a special focus on not just the projects themselves but also the results they’ve produced. This event offers you an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of projects and talk to the designers and developers about the tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them.

We’ve taken the core elements of what attendees love about DemoFest—the science fair-like atmosphere, the ability to informally browse projects at your leisure, and the ability to connect with and learn from the people that built them—and brought them into our unique digital environment.

During DemoFest, you will see demos of real-world eLearning projects, while the developers and/or designers of each project are in the virtual room ready to answer any questions you might have about the challenge they were trying to solve, the project design they chose, the development and implementation processes they used, and the results they found once the project was launched.

DemoFest’s informal format enables you to browse all the projects or just pick and choose the ones you’re most interested in.

When is DemoFest?

DDX DemoFest will run during DDX After Hours, starting at 1:00p PT/4:00p ET on the following dates:

Wednesday, October 21Wednesday, October 28

Is DemoFest unique to Learning Guild events?

Yes. This opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, as well as learn from your industry peers, can only be found at Learning Guild events.

How is DemoFest different from other project showcases?

DemoFest is a place to view actual learning solutions demonstrated by the people who designed and built them. Unlike poster sessions at other conferences that usually contain cardboard and paper displays of a course’s features, DemoFest instead offers you the opportunity to see the actual projects themselves and to talk to the developers and designers that built them. It’s also important to note that DemoFest is NOT a vendor product showcase where solutions are sold to you. It’s instead a peer-to-peer opportunity to explore what others in the industry are working on, and learn from one another’s experiences.


Why would I want to share a project at DemoFest?

DemoFest is an opportunity to show your projects and get recognition, insights, and feedback. It’s a fun and collaborative experience that can help you expand your professional network and also help others in our field explore how to approach problems in new ways.

Do I have to give a formal presentation?

Yes and no. Due to the digital format of DDX DemoFest, you will need to pre-record a 4 - 6 minute demonstration of your project that attendees can view (more details on this below). However, there is no live presentation of your project during DDX.

DDX DemoFest is a more conversational event. While people are viewing your video, you will be available in the virtual room, able to greet people, share additional details, and most importantly, answer their questions and receive their feedback.

What are the requirements of the recorded demo?

DDX DemoFest participants will need to create a demonstration video of their project. Here are the constraints and format required for each video:

  • Videos can be no longer than 7 minutes (ideal length is between 4 and 6 minutes)
  • Videos can include both screen sharing and video of the speaker
  • Video files must be in mp4 format
  • Videos can be submitted using any file sharing service (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.). A download link must either be included in your application or emailed to no later than October 5, 2020

Who can apply to participate?

Have you participated in the design or development of a learning solution or project? Are you a registered attendee of the DevLearn Digital Experience? Then you’re eligible to submit an application to present that project.

Every DDX DemoFest participant must be a registered DDX attendee. If your submission is selected and you have not yet registered, you’ll be asked to do so as a condition of your acceptance. If you have not registered by October 2, 2020, your project will not be eligible for DemoFest consideration.

Can someone help me present my project?

Yes! You may include one co-presenter in your video, who can also be in the virtual room to engage with attendees during DemoFest.

If you’d like to have a co-presenter, be sure to add their name and contact information on the submission form, as only the presenters on the original submission will be accepted as demonstrators. Please note that your DemoFest co-presenter must also be a registered attendee of the DevLearn Digital Experience.

What types of projects can be submitted?

We’re looking for a wide variety of cutting-edge projects that show innovative solutions to the challenges we face now and in the future of L&D. We are also looking for projects that achieved their objectives and had a positive impact on their organizations. Any type of tech-supported solution that serves to address a learning or performance topic is eligible.

Note that your submission must be for one example project, not multiple. If you have several eligible projects, choose the example that best illustrates your work.

What is NOT eligible for DemoFest?

DemoFest is an opportunity for people to share and discuss the projects they’re working on with others rather than a place to sell courses, software, or services. Because of this, the following types of presentations will not be accepted to DemoFest:

  • Product demonstrations or features of products
  • Products or applications in beta or other phases of development
  • Proof-of-concept products or applications
  • Courses or apps that are sold by the demonstrator’s company (however, if this course was built for a specific organization and is only used by that organization, then it can be submitted)

If you’re a vendor of learning technologies and want an opportunity to demonstrate your products or services in the DevLearn Digital Experience, contact Cheri Lynch to inquire about exhibiting at the DDX Expo, sponsored program sessions, and other marketing and promotional opportunities.

Can vendors of eLearning products or custom development services participate?

YES! Please refer to the question “Who can apply to participate?” above for requirements.

Note that DemoFest is not intended as an opportunity to sell your products or services. Instead, it’s designed for peers to share with one another about the problems they faced and the projects they created to solve them. Any applications that include videos that are actively marketing or selling will be rejected.

If you have a client who has used your tools or services, you may want to encourage them to participate in DemoFest, and by association, your product or services will be showcased. Your client must be a registered DDX attendee in order to apply.

Are supplemental materials allowed to be displayed and/or distributed during DemoFest?

No. DemoFest is a place to showcase the work of the Learning Guild community. It is not a place to promote products and services. No digital materials are permitted other than the video that will be used to effectively demonstrate your project.

Who can participate?

All registered DDX attendees are all eligible to apply.

When can I submit my project? How do I submit?

The application submission deadline is October 2, 2020, and the accompanying video submission deadline is October 5, 2020.

Click here to submit your project using our online form.

Can I submit multiple projects?

No. DemoFest is limited to one entry per person.

What are the basic criteria for acceptance?

For your proposal to be considered for acceptance:

  • Both the application and video must be submitted by the due dates
  • You need to meet the registration criteria listed above (as does your co-presenter, if you choose to have one)
  • It must be the only project you (and your co-presenter, if you have one) have submitted
  • It must not be marketing or selling a product, or be a demonstration of tools or tool features
  • Preference is given to sessions that feature innovative solutions as well as demonstrated results

Beyond that, the final decision is made based on the number of proposals received, the mix of topics received, and the ease with which your project can be explained in your proposal.

Note: If the number of DemoFest submissions exceeds the available slots, companies may be limited to one accepted submission.

How do I know if my project has been accepted?

Shortly after submitting your project, you’ll receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your submission. After the submission deadline has passed, we will evaluate the proposals received and select the final projects for DemoFest. You can expect a final response to your proposal by early October.

If you have not heard back from us after this time, please contact us at for your submission status. 

Will you send me more information if I am accepted?

Absolutely! If your project is accepted, we’ll send you complete instructions on how to access the virtual platform, engage with attendees, and more in

What technology do I need to present?

We will upload your video to the event platform and make sure it’s accessible during DemoFest. You’ll simply need an internet-enabled device to engage attendees during the event.

NOTE: Chrome and Safari are the preferred browsers for the event platform.

What if I'm not sure whether my project is a fit for DemoFest?

If you’re unsure whether your project is a good fit for DemoFest, or if you’d like to bounce your proposal ideas off of someone at The eLearning Guild before you apply, we’re happy to help. Just contact us at with your questions. 


Is this a competition? 

DemoFest is first and foremost an opportunity for people in our field to learn from one another. At our face-to-face events there is also an award component to give recognition to people willing to show their work. The DemoFest awards are “People’s Choice” awards—the winners are voted on by the attendees themselves rather than by a panel or a single judge.

We are currently exploring options to potentially adapt the DemoFest Awards Program for DDX. If your project is selected for DDX DemoFest and we do add an awards component to the event, you will be sent details about the criteria in the weeks to come.