Our featured sessions highlight leading voices in the learning and development community, sharing stories, strategies, and technologies that will propel your work forward with inspiration and purpose.

Week 1 Monday, October 19

Emerging Learning Technologies: A Guild Master Panel

Nick Floro, Megan Torrance, Chad Udell & David Kelly

A Crash Course on Designing for Any Virtual Classroom

Melissa Chambers,
MSC Consulting

Tuesday, October 20

L&D Lessons from Behavioural Economics: The Art of Nudging

Arun Pradhan,

Incorporating Storytelling into Your eLearning

Hadiya Nuriddin,
Duets Learning

Thursday, October 22

Practical UX & UI Principles to Level Up Your Designs

Tracy Parish,
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Learning Games: From Simple to Complex

Karl Kapp,
Bloomsburg University

Friday, October 23

The Cognitive Science of Video

Josh Cavalier,
American Tire Distributors

Applied Design Thinking

Myra Roldan, Amazon

Week 2 Monday, October 26

The Expanding Learning Platform Landscape: A Panel Discussion

Steve Foreman, Adam Weisblatt & Becky Willis

Motivation and Learning

Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning

Tuesday, October 28

The Business of Learning: A Guild Master Panel

Mark Lassoff & Frank Nguyen

Visual Styles that Inspire

Connie Malamed, Connie Malamed Consulting

Thursday, October 29

Tips and Tricks to Create Standout Microlearning Videos

LaTarshia Wooten & Julia Shawver,
GAAP Dynamics

Planning Your Learning Data Strategy

Steve Foreman,
InfoMedia Designs

Thursday, October 29

Agile Methods for Instructional Design Projects

Megan Torrance,

The Next Decade of Instructional Design: A Guild Master Panel

Karen Hyder, Karl Kapp & Connie Malamed