xAPI Hyperdrive FAQs

General Information

What is xAPI Hyperdrive, and how is it structured?

xAPI Hyperdrive is an open competition that invites individuals and organizations to share how xAPI is being used in innovative and exciting ways to enhance learning and solve business problems. Each Hyperdrive presenter will have ten minutes to share his or her story live on stage in front of a panel of expert judges and a live audience.

At the end of the event, the scores of the judges will be tabulated and three winners will be selected. During the closing session of the xAPI User Conference, the winners will be announced, and they will have a 25-minute slot during their conference to share their story during the Battleground xAPI Winner Showcase.

When is xAPI Hyperdrive?

xAPI Hyperdrive takes place as part of the xAPI User Conference being held Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

Is xAPI Hyperdrive unique to Learning Guild events?

Yes, xAPI Hyperdrive is unique to eLearning Guild events. xAPI Hyperdrive offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, as well as to learn from the trials and successes of your peers.

Submitting to Participate

If I participate in xAPI Hyperdrive, do I have to give a formal presentation?

Yes. Each participant in the xAPI Hyperdrive competition will have a 10-minute slot during which they can share their story of how xAPI is being used to innovate learning and solve problems in their organizations. If your presentation is selected as one of the two xAPI Hyperdrive winners, you will also have 25 minutes to share your story during an xAPI Hyperdrive Showcase session during DevLearn.

Who can submit to participate?

Anyone who is a registered attendee of DevLearn 2022 and who has used xAPI in an organizational project is eligible. This includes conference and Expo+ attendees, speakers, and registered exhibitor staff. xAPI Hyperdrive participants will also receive a free registration to the xAPI User Conference.

We are looking for examples of xAPI being used to accomplish things that would not be possible otherwise, and for people willing to talk about their challenges and solutions. xAPI Hyperdrive is your opportunity to show off your projects and to help promote the adoption of xAPI.

What types of projects can be submitted?

Pretty much any type of solution on any topic can be submitted, as long as it is taking advantage of xAPI. Share your project, finished or in progress, and pitch it as part of the competition. Your submission should show how your solution solves a specific learning and/or business need.

What is NOT eligible for xAPI Hyperdrive?

Pure product demonstrations or features of products are not eligible. xAPI Hyperdrive is NOT about just demonstrating technology products or platforms. It IS about sharing the stories of how those technologies were used in a project that solved a business problem.

Vendors of learning technologies who wish to demonstrate their products or services should contact Lenore Higgins to inquire about exhibiting on the expo floor, product stage sessions, and other marketing promotional opportunities.

Can vendors of learning products or custom development services participate?

YES! Please refer to the question “Who can apply to participate?” above for requirements.

If you have a client who has used your tools or services, it is encouraged to have that client participate in xAPI Hyperdrive, as we are most interested in hearing the business value of the project. By association, a vendor’s product or services will be showcased. Your client must be a registered conference attendee in order to participate in xAPI Hyperdrive.

Note that xAPI Hyperdrive is not intended as an opportunity to sell your products or services! (See section above about what is not eligible for submission.) xAPI Hyperdrive is designed for peers to share their projects with peers and a judging panel. Anyone who is actively marketing or selling during xAPI Hyperdrive will be asked to leave.

Can DevLearn 2022 speakers participate?

Yes, DevLearn 2022 speakers can participate in xAPI Hyperdrive.

When can I submit my project?

Click here to submit your xAPI Hyperdrive project. 

Submissions are due by October 7, 2022

Can I submit multiple projects?

You are limited to one entry per organization. However, vendors may submit multiple projects for different organizations provided each is unique and the clients are co-facilitating the session.

How do I know if my project has been accepted?

We will review your project and send you an email to let you know if your submission has been accepted on or before October 12, 2022.

Will you send me more information if I am accepted?

If your program is accepted, you will receive complete instructions on set-up times, technical options, etc., around October 17.

Is there a limit to the number of projects accepted?

Yes. The number of projects is limited by the amount of time allocated to xAPI Hyperdrive. Therefore, projects will be vetted and potentially accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, provided:

  1. The submission form is complete.
  2. The submission is a valid project (i.e., is not a product demonstration, etc.)
  3. Any demonstrators listed on the form meet the registration criteria.
  4. Are submitted by the deadline.

What technology do I need to present?

Any presentations or demos will need to be run off your own laptop.

Wireless Internet will be available, but we encourage you to load your application onto your laptop hard drive or USB drive and be prepared to run it in case you are unable to make an Internet connection.

Is this a competition? How will winners be selected?

There will be a panel of judges that will vote on every presentation during xAPI Hyperdrive. xAPI Hyperdrive is designed to be fun and engaging and to provide recognition for those who are helping move this technology forward. Two presentations will be selected as winners during Hyperdrive. These sessions will participate in the xAPI Hyperdrive Showcase at DevLearn.

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