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EXPOA103 3 Ways to Improve Training ROI With Inbox Simulations

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM PT
Wednesday, October 26

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Series: Live from DevLearn

The value of a highly-skilled workforce is undeniable, but only 25% of business executives believe that training measurably improves business performance. While we’ve become quite adept at instilling foundational knowledge, the one-size-fits-all, knowledge-based approaches to training we rely on lack the science-based ingredients for meaningful skill development. To turn L&D into your competitive advantage, you need to overcome three critical challenges: Accurately identifying soft skills gaps to ensure the right people get the right training; providing relevant, real-world application to increase the transfer of learning; and measuring training impact.

Join us as we introduce you to inbox simulations and how this new simulation-based assessment technology gives talent management teams the ability to assess and develop the skills that matter most. We’ll walk you through three case studies and how each company uses inbox simulations to improve training ROI:

  • How Yellow corporation uses inbox simulations to identify skills gaps to fast-track emerging leaders
  • How a military defense contractor uses inbox simulations to assess program managers in an authentic context
  • How Microsoft uses inbox simulation to measure the impact of their hands-on training for technical leaders

Technology discussed:

CapsimInbox, a simulation-based assessment technology

Matthew Shell

Senior Business Development Manager

Capsim Management Simulations

Matthew Shell is the senior business development manager at Capsim Management Simulations, where he assists corporate clients and authors with creating custom Inbox simulations via the CapsimInbox Platform. Over the last five years, Matt has worked with organizations from around the globe to hire, develop, and retain quality talent and create custom solutions that identify key skills gaps. He is also the creator of the digitalized CapsimInbox: Escape Room microsim. Matt has an MBA and bachelor’s in psychology from Purdue University Northwest.