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214 Learners are People, Not Users – Ways to Make your Learning Platform More Human

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PT
Wednesday, October 20

Tracks: Learning Platforms

How much visibility do you have of the overall learning that goes across your organization? Is your focus on training rather than the person? Learners are people, not users. If you don’t take a step back to see the impact people and knowledge have on L&D you’ll never bridge the gap between content and community, and that’s what drives engagement. 

In this session, you’ll hear from Mark Ward, co-founder at THRIVE, on the importance of prioritizing people and knowledge to deliver more holistic learning experiences. 

We’ll show you ways to leverage learning technology that nurtures connections, innovative ideas to create a culture of sharing and social learning, and what the future of skills development looks like. Hint: It’s people at its core!  

In this session you will learn:

  • How a traditional training focus can distract us from a much bigger learning picture
  • Best practices to drive engagement and encourage human connection in a world of remote working, loneliness, and dispersed communities
  • How to maximize your learning experience platform to empower a people-driven L&D strategy
  • The future of skills development and why we need to learn from real-life career journeys 

Mark Ward



THRIVE co-founder, Mark Ward, leads the vision for THRIVE’s learning experience platform, driving continuous innovation and ongoing feature development. In his 10 years of pioneering learning technology, Mark’s helped the likes of Sky, Vitality, and Essentra create a real culture of always-on learning.