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P13 BYOD: Building Immersive Experiences for Learning with Augmented Reality

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PT
Tuesday, October 25

As L&D professionals, we constantly look for better ways to create compelling and engaging experiences for our learners. One of the most powerful ways to engage learners today is augmented reality (AR). However, a hurdle to incorporating technologies like AR is knowing where to use them within our learning ecosphere. The good news is that getting started is easier than ever before, and this workshop will provide what you need to make AR a part of your blended learning solution.

In this workshop you will take a deep dive into the process of creating augmented reality learning experiences. Together we will discuss the steps needed to plan and develop AR experiences from beginning to end. You will explore how AR can fit as a blended piece of your training solution. You will be hands-on designing and developing techniques to apply AR in your core curricula, staff meetings, special events, or new hire orientations. Throughout the workshop, we will discuss what sets augmented reality apart from other tools we use. We will build out multiple AR examples for a variety of use cases. You’ll get access to templates, resources, tips, and lessons learned to take back to your organizations and start building your own AR experiences right away. Our focus throughout will be on utilizing your existing L&D skills and how to make the minor adjustments needed for creating an effective and impactful AR experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Where using AR makes sense in your learning experiences
  • AR-specific approaches to storyboarding and ideating your AR projects
  • What software and resources are available for creating AR experiences
  • How to build an immersive AR experience
  • What you need to know about the future of AR and where to go from here

Technology discussed:

Augmented reality, Zappar, Adobe Aero, Zapworks Studio, LayAR, Cenerio VR, Web AR, marker-based AR, image-based AR

Prerequisite audience knowledge

Working in the L&D Industry and have created content before

Betty Dannewitz

Immersive Experience Designer


Betty Dannewitz is an immersive experience designer with over 18 years in corporate learning and development. She is also a speaker, podcaster, high performance coach, and content & curricula consultant. Betty’s passion is to help people become better humans and she advocates that innovative technology, like augmented reality, has a HUGE role in making that happen.

Destery Hildenbrand

XR Solution Architect


Destery Hildenbrand is an XR solution architect with Intellezy. Destery has over 17 years of experience in training and development and seven years focusing on immersive technologies. Destery has spent time in corporate environments and higher education, working on how to integrate augmented and virtual reality for everyday use. Destery’s primary focus is helping organizations plan, design, and develop engaging learning experiences through Immersive technology.