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P08 BYOD: LXD Video Boot Camp: Creating Video Based Learning Experiences

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PT
Tuesday, October 25

Video has long been used in corporate learning and development and online training. For demonstration and storytelling, video can be incredibly compelling; it can transport viewers to a different space and time and engage like few other media.

Viewed through the lens of Learning Experience Design and learning theory, however, video has inherent problems: Video is most often one-way, non-personalized, and impervious to feedback. And it doesn’t foster social interaction between participants. Despite these limitations, video is here to stay and is an important part of the future. Can the aspirations of Learning Experience Design and the limitations of the video medium ever find common ground?

In this LXD boot camp, you will learn how to produce high quality videos that employ the spirit and tenets of Learning Experience Design. At this experiential workshop, you and your production team will work together to produce an educational video that is effective and appropriate for contemporary learning experiences.

You’ll begin with the preproduction process where you’ll plan your video, shot-by-shot, using planning tools provided by the facilitator. You’ll preplan the social and sharing aspects of your video as well, ensuring that your design empowers the video viewers so that they can control their viewing experience.

You will then move to the production phase where you’ll shoot your video segment-by-segment. This phase covers lighting your video, as well as recording audio and producing graphics that will be integrated in post-production. You’ll learn to shoot videos so that they can be easily shared across traditional video ecosystems—and also be de-aggregated and distributed to contemporary social platforms like Tik-Tok and Instagram.

Finally, you’ll move to post-production where you’ll edit your video into its final forms. You’ll learn the foundations of video editing using a free editing tool, and explore creating output that’s targeted toward everything from a traditional LMS to YouTube to mobile devices.

This information-packed workshop is designed to bridge the gap between older, nondynamic video production and a more current paradigm based on learning experience design, social sharing, and a learner-first approach. You’ll leave with practical video production skills and a complete end-to-end video production process—the same process the facilitator uses to create hours of new instructional video each month.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Shot-by-shot video planning tools and how to plan video content for distribution to multiple endpoints
  • Elements of a learner-centric video planning process
  • Tricks for appropriately lighting videos
  • How to record clean audio
  • How to shoot video for traditional landscape and newer portrait formats
  • How to create graphics for video
  • Techniques for editing video for output to multiple endpoints

Technology discussed:

Video cameras, microphones, video lighting, video editing software (DaVini free edition), social platforms

Mark Lassoff


The Tech Learning Network

Over two million people have learned coding and design from Mark Lassoff. Mark and his company, the Tech Learning Network, are pioneers in new media learning, having created the first streaming media network dedicated to learning workforce and career skills. The Tech Learning Network produces broadcast-quality learning content that focuses on digital skills such as design, coding, and digital productivity. Mark is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach. He was named to the 40 under 40 in both Austin, Texas, and Hartford, CT. In 2017, Mark was awarded the prestigious Learning Guild Guild Master Award.