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P07 BYOD: Video Producer Boot Camp

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PT
Tuesday, October 19

Tracks: Video & Media

Video’s place in digital learning isn’t debatable. Video is an important avenue for instruction and as more learning occurs remotely, video will only become more critical. While video is an essential component of remote learning, very few instructional designers have any training in video production. From equipping a studio at a reasonable cost, to proper video production techniques, to editing and post-production—there is a great deal to learn. Poorly produced videos can impact the quality of learning content and impeded learners’ progress. Video Producer Boot Camp provides a crash-course on producing high-quality instructional video in a small-studio environment.

In this session you’ll take on the many roles of a video producer and learn the process and techniques used in professional-level video production. The boot camp session will parallel the progression of a typical video shoot. You’ll start by participating in pre-production planning to plan the entire shoot. You’ll then set up the mobile studio and have the opportunity to work with lighting, green screen, mobile device rigs for video capture, and video “talent” as you prepare to shoot the actual video. You will next experience several production roles during the shoot itself as you prepare on-camera talent, capture the actual video, review footage, and store the video assets. In the afternoon, you’ll move on to the post-production phase of the boot camp. During this phase, you’ll collect and create graphical assets to enhance the instructional value of your video. With mentorship from the facilitator you will learn how to “brand” each component of your video to add both internal consistency and congruence with larger company branding. Finally, with all assets created, you’ll learn how to use editing software as you individually edit the video on your laptop. As you fill each role in the video production process you’ll gain knowledge and immediately applicable skills that can be used to produce video in any educational environment. You’ll leave with both experience and a number of resources and checklists for the production of your own professional learning videos.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To equip and setup a low-cost, small space, video studio
  • How to use mobile devices or inexpensive cameras for video capture
  • To engage in the preproduction and planning process
  • How to shoot video in a green screen studio
  • To find assets to enhance the educational message of your video
  • To brand your video content to be internally consistent
  • How to meet external branding requirements for your video
  • How to edit video content and external assets to create a completed video

Technology discussed:

VIdeo cameras, video lighting, microphones, digital audio recorders, Canva, 12:00:00 AM, Adobe Premier

Prerequisite audience knowledge:

This workshop is appropriate for both new and intermediate-level video producers

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop with either Adobe Premier or free version of DaVinci Resolve (video editor) installed. All other video equipment will be provided by the facilitator.

Mark Lassoff


Framework Tech Media

Almost two million people have learned coding and design from Mark Lassoff. Mark’s company, Framework Tech Media, produces a post-cable video network that focuses on skills such as web and mobile development and digital design. Mark started several companies in the Austin, Texas area and continues to promote entrepreneurship and computer science. He is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach programming techniques and technologies. He was named to the 40 Under 40 in both Austin, Texas, and Hartford, CT. In 2017, Mark was awarded the prestigious Learning Guild Guild Master Award.