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206 Must-have Skills & Roles in a Learning Analytics Team

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PT
Wednesday, October 26

Tracks: Management & Strategy

There has long been a disconnect between the C-suite wanting quantitative data and L&D providing it—but technology is breaking that barrier. The technology alone, however, is nothing without the right people. Every plane needs a good pilot. The increasing demand for learning analytics skills offers exciting opportunities for forward-thinking L&D professionals and organizations alike. But what exactly does a learning analytics team look like, and what do they do? What skills do you need—and can you develop these skills on the job?

In this session you’ll understand the role that a learning analytics team plays in turning learning data into meaningful insights. You’ll see how this in-demand skill set is helping L&D break the barriers between traditional reporting to provide the powerful insights that data-driven C-suite and learning leaders demand. You’ll start by exploring what a successful team looks like and understanding the right mix of roles and skill sets you need to “interrogate” the data. We’ll explore what happens if the budget doesn’t allow for the ideal mix of roles—can one person run the show? And if so, how flexible do you have to be and how do you approach learning on the job? This session will help you understand the importance of the learning analytics team in ensuring data is reliable and can be trusted. And you’ll also explore some of the less obvious but exceptionally important elements, such as managing stakeholder relationships and educating the wider business on the great possibilities and power of the insights learning analytics can provide.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What an ideal learning analytics team looks like
  • What skills are needed, and how to get them
  • Ways to learn on the job and how to make the most of supporting resources
  • How real-world learning analytics teams operate
  • Why analytics needs the human touch—from reliable data to educating the business

Bill Conran

VP, Business Development & Strategy


With more than a decade of experience in the eLearning industry, Bill Conran focuses on evangelizing the message of utilizing analytics to improve the workforce. He is known for making complex solutions easy to understand and showing how software can create safer, more enjoyable organizations.