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703 How to Use Small Data to Make Big Changes

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM PT
Friday, October 28

Tracks: Data & Measurement

For large companies with wide geographical footprints, attempting to move the needle in your training can seem incredibly overwhelming. How do you gain insight on hundreds of training sessions to make meaningful change? We tend to look at Big Data, a trendy phrase that promises to lead to big change. What if small data can tell us just as big of a story, leading to measurable opportunities for improvement? You can turn small data into big change if you know where to look (and what to ignore!)

In this case study session, find out how First Student fought the good fight against swimming in Big Data and made significant changes amidst the largest employee shortage the industry has ever faced. You will dive into corporate KPIs and metrics with us, sift through the fake nuggets, and come up with the real gold. You’ll learn how to engage a large employee base and gather the right data that will help you make meaningful decisions about your training programs. Then, you will learn how to shift a culture of “we’ve always done it this way” to an excited culture of “let’s try something new!” by strategically using pinpointed data points to make your KPI’s stand out. Finally, you’ll explore how to gain confidence in smaller metrics and use that to fight for innovation and change. You’ll leave this session with a new outlook on how to use data to overcome today’s on-the-job training challenges.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why pinpointed data measurements can be more insightful than Big Data
  • How to use small data points to make big suggestions for organizational change
  • What to look for when swimming in a large pool of data to find the diamond in the rough
  • How to use data to overcome staffing challenges in an ever increasingly difficult workforce staffing trend

Technology discussed:

Company personalized mobile app for trainers, Power-BI

Renee Boydo

Director, Safety Training Development

First Student

Renee Boydo is a safety learning & development professional with over 15 years’ experience in transportation safety & talent development. Named a Rising Star of Safety for the National Safety Council in 2019, she is a proud member of ASSP and the National Women in Transportation Leadership Guild.