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SELT203 EXPO: 5 Ways Learning Analytics Can Transform your Business

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM PT
Thursday, October 21

Tracks: Data & Measurement

Series: SELT

Learning analytics has a reputation for being complex and challenging. But what if you ignore the technicalities and look at the stories that data can tell? In this talk, we look at five ways global enterprises used their learning analytics platform to improve, adapt and transform areas of their business in very different circumstances.

In this session, we’ll be telling some of our favorite customer stories from some of the most inspirational L&D leaders we have the pleasure to work with. From responding to a crisis situation to demonstrating tangible results ($$$), all of these scenarios have one thing in common: informed decisions were made from the stories told by learning ecosystem data.

In this session you will learn:

  • How learning analytics enabled a global enterprise to pivot, respond, and flourish in a crisis scenario to improve employee wellness
  • Learning experience analytics. How to spot exceptional content (good and bad) using data, the lessons learned, and how to adapt and streamline your learning design as a result.
  • What tangible, real-world insights look like in action (Level 4 Kirkpatrick). How do you measure the business impact of learning? A practical story of how L&D can prove its value using metrics.
  • How to measure skills and competencies. The power of seeing your learning and performance data through a single lens.
  • What areas of your learning ecosystem are being used? What’s performing, and what’s not?

Technologies discussed:

Watershed LRS and LAP

Bill Conran

VP of Sales


Bill Conran has a decade of experience in the eLearning industry, including leading a sales team that sold safety and compliance training to global enterprise organizations. His extensive knowledge of eLearning is rooted in his determination to make complex solutions easy to understand and showing how software can help create safer and more enjoyable work environments.

Now, as Watershed’s vice president of sales, Bill is responsible for leading and developing the sales team to meet sales objectives and communicate the value of Watershed’s products and services. He also focuses on evangelizing the message of utilizing analytics to improve the workforce.