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STRS107 EXPO: Developing a Learning Culture in a Changing World

5:15 PM - 6:15 PM PT
Wednesday, October 20

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Series: STRS

Many companies find it tough to take on completely new training methodologies. The constant need for change and adaptation in the business world creates heavy demands on corporate learning and building a learning culture. L&D departments are challenged with consistently trying to keep up with employees’ skills and competencies when there is an everlasting state of change. Traditional, formal learning may not meet the growing learning demands, and there is a need for developing agile organizational learning cultures.

In this session, Valamis’ president Mika Kuikka will review how building a robust learning culture is the foundation for success and overcoming the challenge of constant organizational change. This session will explain what exactly a learning culture is and how an organization’s learning culture is the balance between understanding learners’ habits and values and daily work routines. By growing an engaging learning culture and providing accessible learning for every employee at their preferred time of need, companies can help employees embrace a growth mindset and ensure their organizational agility and adaptability. A strong learning culture can bring employees and leaders together in ways that boost the organization’s productivity and inspire success.

You will receive practical tips for building and introducing a new learning culture into your organization and how to use data to prove the impact the learning culture has on your business. This session will also help attendees understand that building a resilient learning culture means bringing together different learning habits and systems to positively impact other parts of a business, too. Learning is not just about understanding what happens now; it’s also about the organization’s goals for the future. Encouraging and supporting people to learn can offer a highway to an organization’s success.

Technology discussed:

Valamis learning solution (LXP, LMS, LRS, content authoring, career mobility, eCommerce)

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Mika Kuikka



In addition to being president, Mika Kuikka is one of the co-founders of Valamis. Mika is an online learning enthusiast. He is responsible for Valamis business in the US, operating from Boston, Massachusetts. Mika has helped organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation of learning, translating the customers’ voice to the product development team of Valamis – Learning Experience Platform.