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P08 Game Learning for Business Outcomes

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday, October 19

Tracks: Games & Gamification

Games and learning-based gamification in workplace environments can be a confusing and complicated minefield for learning designers. Often, this highly effective option in a learning designer’s toolbox is either rejected out of hand or not given the proper consideration, whether that be out of inexperience, fear, or budget. When used properly with the correct audience, a mixture of technology, targeted subject areas, game mechanics, gamification, and game-based learning can be a staple part of an effective blended learning solution. Learning how to use games to solve business problems in a globally dispersed digital age should be something that every learning designer is competent and confident with.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Understand the behavioral science and psychology behind games
  • Define the business problem and work with the business to find desired outcomes in measurable terms
  • Discover, using your audience, a better understanding of the problem and whether a game intervention could form part of the solution
  • Design a proposal and game design document outlining the solution and the measurements
  • Develop the game idea and the surrounding learning infrastructure using wireframes, paper prototyping, and scripting to work towards the development of a minimal viable product
  • Create a well-formed communications plan that reaches your target audience for when you plan to deploy
  • Design a set of measurements that monitor the outcomes of your solution and show how you will use that data to identify skills gaps and drive the improvement process

Prerequisite audience knowledge:

Digital learning design would be an advantage, and an understanding of business objectives and measurements

Deborah Baird

Learning Design Lead

Philip Morris International

Deborah Baird is an experienced learning development specialist, game learning producer, lecturer with a focus on game design, entrepreneurship, and business and management skills, and educator/trainer. She currently works as learning design lead for Philip Morris International. She has a demonstrable history of working with global companies to deliver excellent face-to-face and digital learning solutions with a specific focus and interest in game learning.