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406 Leading Learning in 2022 and Beyond Panel

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM PT
Thursday, October 21

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Organizational learning is always changing but the pandemic has not only accelerated change, but brought new challenges to work and working like we have never seen. As we navigate the changing environment we are learning much, adjusting, projecting, and predicting.

In this panel discussion, join Pamela Hogle as she hosts a conversation with learning leaders who will share their stories of transformation, lessons learned, how changes in business needs are driving changes in learning, and which new skills and understandings are needed in L&D to thrive in 2022 and beyond.

Pamela Hogle (Host)

Program Manager

The Learning Guild

Pamela S. Hogle, a program manager at The Learning Guild, focuses on eLearning technology and trends and explores the ways that L&D professionals can lead changes in mindset and behavior throughout their organizations. She brings these interests to her work creating engaging and relevant content for Learning Solutions magazine and Learning Guild conferences. An experienced journalist, technical writer, and eLearning content developer, Pam has worked in Israel and the United States. She holds master’s degrees in journalism and human-canine life sciences. 

Jessica Jackson

CREW Product Development Manager and Author, Client Experience Team, and xAPI Cohort Host


Jessica Jackson has a background in education addressing access, retention, and success of diverse students. A commitment to advancing diversity, equity, humanity, and inclusion is the foundation of all her work. She has been recognized at the international level for her advocacy and strategic program development. Jess serves as the product development manager and author of TorranceLearning’s offering CREW (Cultivating Racial Equity in the Workplace).

Sarah Mercier


Learning Ninjas

Sarah Mercier, CEO at Learning Ninjas, specializes in innovative learning technology and strategic implementation of learning solutions. Sarah is an international facilitator for the Association for Talent Development’s E-Learning Instructional Design and Microlearning certificate programs. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and business events in the areas of instructional strategy, learning technology strategy, and learning solution design and development. Her work has been published in ATD’s 2020 Trends in Learning Technology, The Book of Road-Tested Activities, TD Magazine, Learning Solutions Magazine, CLO Magazine, and a variety of other training and workforce publications.

Mike Taylor

Learning Consultant

Mike Taylor

With over two decades of real-life, in-the-trenches experience designing and delivering learning experiences, Mike Taylor understands that effective learning isn’t about the latest fad or trendy new tools. Known for his practical, street-savvy style, Mike is a regular and highly-rated speaker at industry events, and consults on learning design and technology at Nationwide in Columbus, Ohio. Mike holds an MBA degree from Ohio University and a master’s degree in educational technology from San Diego State University.