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P02 Make it Meaningful: Applying the Secrets of Engagement to LXD

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PT
Monday, October 24

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is the elegant integration of learning science and engagement. Too often, however, we see tarted-up content dumps and lots of superficial attempts to remedy the problem: Quiz-show templates, click-to-see-more, scores, and the like. We can, and should, go deeper. There are two problems here—one on the learning science side and one on the engagement side. Further, while good guidance exists on the learning science side, there’s less guidance on the engagement side. While there are robust principles and useful tips and tricks, they’re not well integrated. What’s needed is a systematic approach that aligns elements to create meaningful motivation, resulting in a safe space to remove anxiety and steadily build confidence.

In this workshop we’re going to do two things: Present the principles behind making experiences engaging and then put them into practice. The principles break down into two parts—an initial hook to get learners to engage, and a process for maintaining them through the experience to success. We’ll cover elements like motivation (going deep), anxiety (making it safe), and building confidence (with challenge and feedback). We’ll also look at tips and tricks like story, exaggeration, humor, social, and more.

We’ll practice what these mean in design exercises. Then we’ll turn the experience around and workshop the implications of these theories for each element of the learning experience. Finally, and importantly, we’ll work through an iterative process that systematically gathers the necessary information to pull this off, using trialing and testing to end up with a viable outcome that’s engaging without compromising educational effectiveness.

We’ll do this collaboratively, applying the principles we’re talking about to develop practical take-home tools. You’ll leave with a process structure that talks about what you need when, and a checklist that helps ensure you’ve considered engagement for each learning element. Come see how learning can and should be “hard fun.”

In this session, you will learn:

  • The key to motivation and how to build it
  • The importance of safety and how to create it
  • The necessity of challenge and how to generate it
  • When to use fantasy and when not to
  • The right level of exaggeration
  • How to do humor right

Technology discussed:

Games, scenarios, simulations, AR/VR

Prerequisite audience knowledge

Attendees should have experience designing instruction and familiarity with authoring tools.

Clark Quinn

Executive Director


Clark Quinn, PhD assists organizations to excel by making their practices more aligned with how we think, work, and learn. With a deep background in cognition, broad experience in design, and a solid foundation in technology, he has led the development of award-winning innovations in learning solutions. An internationally known speaker and author of seven books, he helps organization create effective practice and processes through workshops and consulting on design and strategy.