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EXPOA106 Reach Your Learning Goals Faster Through Video

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM PT
Wednesday, October 26

Tracks: Video & Media

Series: Live from DevLearn

Video can be an extremely powerful tool in many aspects of a successful learning and development strategy for any company. However, many small and large companies shy away from utilizing video because they are intimidated by what they perceive as high barriers to entry, as well as not fully understanding the great benefits that video can provide.

In this session, Kelly Jura will outline how to integrate an effective unified video strategy into your learning and development program quickly and with minimal resources. After seeing how easy it can be, you won’t see video creation as being big and scary and will want to embrace it rather than hide from it. Kelly will showcase how async video messaging can be easily adopted in all of your web-based apps including Google docs, email, learning platforms, and so much more. Authentic, quick video messages are proven to be personal, clearer, quicker, and more effective than plain ordinary text. They are great for feedback, collaboration, explainers, and quick learning tips. Kelly will walk you through creating professional video courses quickly that deliver by incorporating screen and video recordings, annotations, quality stock content, virtual backgrounds, effects, and more. She will provide tips on using scripting tools and storyboarding to organize your thoughts and content for flexibility and optimized delivery. Of course, accessibility is key, so she will step through automated closed captions and other accessibility considerations, tools, and tips.

Kelly will also show you how to create an effective, secure video hosting environment that meets your learning needs. Her walkthrough will include branding, optimization through insights and analytics, as well as integrations with all of the leading learning and development platforms. She will demonstrate how to easily include robust quizzing solutions, CTAs, and inline text and video commenting, to master interaction and engagement. She will continue by identifying tools and tips to monitor results and actively make changes to best meet your targets and goals.

Upon completion of this 30-minute session, you will walk away with a great understanding of why video is a critical tool in any learning and development solution. You will feel more confident about how to quickly create successful video training solutions with a small or large team. You will have a set of tips and tricks that you can use for effective video communication and messaging immediately. And, to keep you on the path to a successful video strategy in your learning and development program, the first 100 attendees will get a free subscription to Screencast-O-Matic.

Technology discussed:

Screencast-O-Matic video messaging, creation, hosting, and interactive engagement software on desktop and mobile

Kelly Jura

Vice-President, Brand and User Experience (UX)

Screencast-O-Matic | ScreenPal

With over 15 years of experience impacting product, design, marketing, software, and user experience, and her innate understanding of strategy and design thinking, Kelly Jura is driven by the way that people experience ideas. Kelly possesses a strong strategic mindset on how consumer behaviors, assumptions, and user interaction with technology affect design. Her work has manifested in several patents for design processes. At Screencast-O-Matic, Kelly maximizes her combined experiences facilitating video communication for business and education with the voice of the user/consumer at the center of everything. Kelly holds a bachelor’s from the University of Bridgeport.