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EXPOA205 The Metaverse and the Evolving Learning Ecosystem

2:25 PM - 2:55 PM PT
Thursday, October 27

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Series: Live from DevLearn

Learning ecosystems continue to evolve to focus on the modern workforce. Learners are seeking new and innovative ways to acquire knowledge and develop skills. The logical next step in providing realistic learning experiences in a controlled environment is the Metaverse, but the question for leaders is how to successfully achieve this within an ever-changing world of virtual possibilities. To reach this next phase of innovative transformation is to understand and harness the metaverse and realize the benefits of immersive engagement.

In this session, KnowledgeWorks Global Learning’s Kelly Lake will describe how learning ecosystems are adjusting to the needs of today’s workforce. You will hear about the metaverse and how it is providing the opportunity to augment learning and performance for organizations while also positively impacting ROI. She will share advancements in new disruptive technologies that provide realistic virtual engagement that learning leaders will need to embrace. Additionally, you will experience the metaverse landscape through strategic insights into emerging mixed-reality learning modalities and discover what you need to know for the next phase of your virtual evolution. In this session, you will learn:

  • How learning ecosystems are evolving to support the modern workforce
  • The role of the metaverse in learning
  • Advancements in immersive learning technology
  • The insights for building a successful virtual transformation framework

Technologies discussed:

AR, VR, MR, immersive solutions

Kelly Lake

Global Head of Corporate Learning

KnowledgeWorks Global Learning

Kelly Lake leads KnowledgeWorks Global Learning, a provider of innovative workforce learning solutions. As a respected thought leader in the learning and performance industry, she brings 30 years of global experience in learning and performance strategy, performance innovation, learning transformation, technology, and immersive learning. Kelly has worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, providing expertise in designing effective learning ecosystems and ROI. As an industry expert, she specializes in learning and performance ecosystems, analytics, global learning and performance strategy and transformation, learning technologies, and performance innovation to enhance global client and organizational business success.