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607 Why Skills Are the New Currency for L&D

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PT
Thursday, October 21

Tracks: Management & Strategy

Skills are becoming the new currency of work, but what does that mean for L&D? With learning playing a key role in upskilling, reskilling, and skill development initiatives, it is more critical than ever for L&D leaders to understand the opportunity to work alongside business leaders, HR, talent, and recruiting to bring clarity to what skills an organization has, what skills they need, and what efforts are needed to close critical skill gaps for today and tomorrow. In this session, you will learn the foundations of “skills” and be prepared to join the conversation in your organization on how L&D can support these strategic business initiatives.

In this session you will learn the critical factors in building a successful skills strategy. Key areas of focus will include answering the question: What is a skill and how does it differ from a competency or capability? You’ll also learn options for proving what skills employees have, what types of skill data exist, how to develop an ontology (and keep it up to date!), what types of business decisions skill data can inform, what other types of data add important context to skill data for employees, managers, and business leaders, and what actions (e.g., learning, business, strategic) skill data can improve. You’ll leave this session empowered to take a seat at the table with other business leaders in your organization to drive skills initiatives and understand the role that L&D can play in making skills initiatives successful.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What skills are and how skills data can help drive key strategic decisions
  • What role L&D can play in making skills initiatives successful
  • Best practices for building and maintaining a skills ontology
  • What contextual data is important for employees, managers, and leaders to get the most out of skills
  • What types of decisions can skill data help better inform
  • What are the key actions that skill data can enable
  • How can you support your organization in key skills intiatives
  • How to evaluate skills technologies—key questions to ask

Technology discussed in this session:

Degreed, Pluralsight Skill IQ, Visier

Koreen Pagano

Head of Product


Koreen Pagano is passionate about learning, technology, and changing the world. Koreen founded Tandem Learning, where she pioneered immersive learning in organizations by leveraging virtual worlds, games, and simulations. She has led Enterprise Product at lynda.com and LinkedIn and led corporate product strategy at D2L. An internationally recognized writer and speaker, Koreen is currently Head of Product for Degreed, helping organizations successfully navigate upskilling and reskilling the modern workforce. She has taught graduate courses at Harrisburg University and is on the advisory board for emerging tech companies in the VR and education markets. Koreen authored the book Immersive Learning.