Conference Overview

Go all in at DevLearn 2024 by participating in the full conference program at North America’s largest learning technology event! Dive deep into dynamic learning experiences crafted to hone your skills in managing, designing, and developing cutting-edge learning tech. Explore the variety of offerings designed to launch you to the forefront of the industry. This is your chance to level up!

Keynote Lineup

Supercharge your learning journey with DevLearn 2024’s powerhouse lineup of keynote speakers. These thought leaders will challenge your thinking and equip you with insights to propel your career to new heights. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and armed with fresh perspectives to lead the L&D industry into the future!

Erik Wahl

The Art of Vision

Erik Wahl
Internationally Recognized Graffiti Artist, #1 Best Selling Business Author

Navigating the Future: Harnessing Learning Technologies in the 2024 Workplace

Dani Johnson
Co-founder and Principal Analyst, RedThread Research

David Kelly
The Learning Guild

AI Literacy and Workforce Transformation: Empowering L&D Professionals for the Future

Justin J. Shaifer
Linkedin Top Voice in Technology, Science TV Show Host & STEM Educator

Trailblazing Tracks

DevLearn is the place to stay ahead of the curve and up to date on the latest learning technologies shaping the future of our work. Check out the topics and themes we’ll explore in 2024:

AI & Automation

Explore the revolutionary impact of AI on learning design with practical sessions on leveraging large language models, creating AI-driven videos, and utilizing chatbots for effective knowledge reinforcement. Gain hands-on experience with AI tools and learn to navigate the ethical considerations of AI in the workplace.

Instructional Design

Discover innovative approaches to create impactful and engaging learning experiences. Explore topics such as storytelling in eLearning, the truth about learning styles, and the power of empathy and accessibility in design. Gain insights on using marketing strategies for learner engagement, creating effective assessments, and ensuring your training aligns with organizational goals for a meaningful impact.

Management & Strategy

Learn to evaluate new technologies critically, streamline onboarding in remote work settings, and employ learning strategies aligned with business goals. Explore how to maximize learning potential of corporate events, manage eLearning projects effectively, and build a robust learning ecosystem. Plus, dive into analytics to make informed L&D decisions, even with limited resources.

Data & Measurement

Dive deep into the transformative potential of technologies like ChatGPT for qualitative data analysis, evaluating program impact, and unlocking the capabilities of xAPI. Plus, gain strategies for creating meaningful data reports, and transitioning to powerful tools like PowerBI for insightful analytics.

Tools & Development

Uncover how to elevate your projects from the ground up with design thinking, collaboration, and tools like Miro and Canva. Embrace automation and adaptive learning with Articulate Storyline 360, refine your eLearning strategies with advanced PowerPoint techniques, and much more.

Games & Gamification

Bring excitement to your learning projects with sessions on transforming compliance training with gamified Articulate Storyline slides, creating immersive narratives using generative AI, and ensuring your gamification strategies are accessible to all learners. Plus, discover how to build meaningful connections within your organization through engaging eLearning experiences such as escape games.

Micro & Workflow Learning

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage microlearning effectively as you explore foundational aspects, common practices, and creative applications, including its innovative uses with generative AI. You’ll walk away with ideas to help you integrate microlearning into your organizational strategies.

Video & Media

Unlock essentials of audio design for richer user experiences, and strategies to ensure your video content is inclusive and represents diversity. Plus, enhance your learning with visual and audio media by creating engaging video content, from short social media clips to comprehensive training videos, without stretching budgets.

Virtual & Immersive

Revolutionize your corporate learning with sessions covering practical skills for integrating AR into workflows, transforming virtual learning environments, and creating immersive learning spaces. Find out more about innovative AR applications, low-cost content creation tools, and strategies for measuring ROI of these technologies.

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Pre-Conference Learning

Get a head start on your learning and maximize your time in Las Vegas with our pre-conference activities. Designed to help shape the future of your work, these activities allow you to dedicate time to mastering topics and skills of most importance to you. Choose from co-located events, one-day workshops, and two-day certificate programs.

Co-located Events
Certificate Programs

Drive the L&D industry forward and examine some of the most disruptive topics in our field at DevLearn’s co-located events. These comprehensive events take place on Monday and Tuesday, November 4 & 5.

Master critical skills and knowledge on core L&D topics with Guild-certified, two-day experiences. DevLearn will host 6 in-depth Certificate Programs prior to the main event on Sunday and Monday, November 3 & 4.

Our action-packed, one-day workshops provide a collaborative environment to network with peers and sharpen your skills before the conference even begins. Explore hot topics and uncover actionable takeaways that you can implement right away to transform your work!

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Speaker Spotlight

Expert speakers craft must-see presentations on the latest in L&D.

Hadiya Nuriddin

Hadiya Nuriddin
Senior Learning Strategist and Owner
Duets Learning

Markus Bernhardt

Markus Bernhardt
Chief Consultant
Endeavor Intelligence

Bob Mosher

Bob Mosher
Founding Partner & Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies

Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta
Founder & CEO
Artha Learning Inc.

Vince Han

Vince Han
CEO & Founder
Mobile Coach

Megan Torrance

Tracy Parish
Education Technology Specialist
Parish Creative Solutions

Debbie Richards

Debbie Richards
Creative Interactive Ideas

Danielle Wallace

Danielle Wallace
Chief Learning Strategist
Beyond the Sky Custom Learning

Chad Udell

Chad Udell
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jeff Batt

Jeff Batt
Learning Dojo

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