Convince Your Boss

Need Management Approval?

Haven’t asked your boss if you can attend DevLearn? Here are some resources to help you approach management and prepare your request.

1. Start with a game plan 
Check out the conference website and start mapping out how the experience will support your own development as well as higher-level organizational goals. The 200+ learning activities, access to leading industry suppliers, and the opportunity to gain new ideas and techniques just scratch the surface of how DevLearn is an investment for both you and your organization. 

2. Make it easy
By doing this footwork ahead of time, the decision should be a no-brainer once you do the asking! With your schedule outlined and research done, complete a formal request letter to bring everything together into one perfect package. If you need a little help getting started, download this letter template for inspiration.

3. Know your ‘why’
With all that being said, the most impactful tool is your own dedication and purpose. What are the top three reasons you want to attend DevLearn? Make sure you can answer that question, and to get you started, here are some of our favorite reasons to help you narrow down your list:

8 Reasons Why I Need to Be at DevLearn

  1. DevLearn Conference & Expo’s dedication to the best leading-edge technologies in learning could help our team gain a stronger sense of what’s available and how we can put these tools and techniques into practice.
  2. The DevLearn program is created by learning professionals. The program team comes from the fields of instructional design, eLearning development, and L&D leadership. They pride themselves on staying current in what matters most.
  3. Experts will discuss the cutting-edge industry trends and learning strategies impacting our organization.
  4. The practical, focused sessions are future-leaning, and they’ll show us how to solve our team’s challenges and use today’s technology in better, more innovative ways.
  5. It’s a networking opportunity that can’t be compared. DevLearn creates the space for easy knowledge sharing, so I’ll learn from peer experiences that only come from unscripted conversations.
  6. DevLearn offers the value of a large, comprehensive conference plus the benefits of smaller-group experiences. These activities include Morning Buzz, an opportunity to meet new people and share best practices, insights, and tips; and DemoFest, which provides a glimpse at what other companies are creating in the L&D space and the chance to discuss the solutions with the people who designed and developed them.
  7. The Expo is filled with more than 175 leading industry suppliers and the latest and most prominent tools and technologies, all ready to help us solve our organization’s biggest challenges.
  8. I’ll head back to the office with fresh ideas for my work and new contacts that you and our team can reach out to after the conference.