AI in Learning Symposium

Tuesday, November 5

The future of work is rapidly changing, and the need to incorporate AI into your L&D strategies is becoming increasingly crucial.

AI & Learning Symposium sponsored by Articulate

The AI & Learning Symposium is a must-attend event for L&D professionals interested in developing a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence, including how it augments our work in L&D, and how it changes the nature of work itself in the organizations we serve.

In this one-day event, you’ll engage in discussions, hands-on experiences, investigations, and analysis, as well as attend panels and presentations exploring the latest trends and best practices in AI-powered L&D.

You’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to immediately apply in your organization and lead the conversation!

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Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Ethical considerations of using AI in L&D
  • Best practices for incorporating AI into existing L&D programs
  • How to support workers in the use of AI-powered tools and technologies
  • How to build an AI-powered L&D strategy that drives innovation and supports continuous learning
  • The future of AI in L&D and its potential to transform the industry