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DemoFest is an attendee favorite and one of the most fun and inspirational activities at DevLearn. This huge, science fair-like event is a collective showcase of eLearning examples from conference participants. Move from table to table, exploring a wide range of learning solutions, and discuss tools, tech, and processes with those who built them. Did we mention there are free drinks, too?

Don’t miss DemoFest, Thursday, October 26, at 4:00p!


Build Your Network and Get Your Work Noticed

Presenting at DemoFest is an amazing opportunity to network at the conference, gain industry recognition, and get valuable feedback on your work. You might even win a DemoFest award!

This Year's Project Demos:

  • Table #1
    Medical Case Challenges with AI & Human Expertise
    Megan Torrance and Matt Kliewer
  • Table #2
    Course Summaries with Generative AI
    Michael Grant and Jeff Fissel
  • Table #3
    Immersive Approach to Annual Cybersecurity eLearning
    Allisum Oconnell
  • Table #4
    From In-person School to Online Tablet Programs
    Brooke Schepker and Kerry Gannon
  • Table #5
    Enhanced Patient Education with Mobile Video Learning
    Erick Torres and Carlos Alfaro
  • Table #6
    The Hack’—Security Compliance eLearning Course
    Derrin Edwards
  • Table #7
    Personalized Care for LGBTQ+ Patients
    Kevin Thorn
  • Table #8
    Sitcom, Humor, Games
    Anne Campbell
  • Table #9
    Benefit Cosmetics: Interactive Digital Handbook for Sales Training
    Jaime McDonald and Nina Quintero
  • Table #10
    Blended Safety Training Solution
    Suresh Kumar DN
  • Table #11
    Delta Air Lines Reservation Instructional Game
    Ryan Drow and Seth Hathcock
  • Table #12
    Elevating Resource Protection Through Interactive Learning
    Rick Gividen and Heather Reichert 
  • Table #13
    THRIVE Through Change eLearning Course
    Jen Yaros
  • Table #14
    Empowering Dutch Hospital Nurses with Adaptive Workflow Learning
    Marco van Sterkenburg and Alfred Remmits
  • Table #15
    Video Series Part 1: How to Complete Appeals Forms
    Dianna Smith
  • Table #16
    Power Apps Education Explorer and Assignment App
    Tyler De Lane
  • Table #17
    Hurricane Preparedness eLearning
    Chris Watson and Steve Bradley
  • Table #18
    Re-Entry Game: Building Empathy and Driving Change
    Bill Milstid
  • Table #19
    Deliver at Pace Managers Training Game
    Graham Cook
  • Table #20
    How to Apologize Animated Scenario
    Justin Otterson
  • Table #21
    Project Management Game
    Magali Verrengia and Franco Pomidoro
  • Table #22
    Immersive Safety Training Video
    Adriane Guerreiro
  • Table #23
    Immersive Real Estate Appraisal Course
    Stephanie Sullivan
  • Table #24
    360 Viewers: Creating Immersive Learning Environments for Engineers
    Phumjai Boontho and Sharon Hytnen
  • Table #25
    Esperanza Fire Staff Ride Simulation
    Tory Hord
  • Table #26
    IoT and E-Mobility Gamified Learning
    Darshan Parekh and Chaitali Pal Chowdhury
  • Table #27
    SoftPhone System Simulation
    Gutwein Humana
  • Table #28
    The Road to Efficiency: Exploring Automotive eLearning Technology
    Victoria Thon and Emily Rudel
  • Table #29
    Maximizing Intern Potential eLearning Course
    Ashley Salter
  • Table #30
    Taking a City’s Driver Orientation Online
    Aamir Aman and Garima Gupta 
  • Table #31
    Supportive Housing 101 eLearning
    Tim Ng
  • Table #32
    AI-powered 360° Learning: xAPI Capture
    Ismael Nava
  • Table #33
    Interactive Video Resume: Training You
    Tim Crowe and Kelly Fischer
  • Table #34
    Create Your Own Leadership Adventure
    Susan Nabonne Beck
  • Table #35
    AI-driven Chatbot for Sales Reinforcement
    Tom Pizer and Vincent Han
  • Table #36
    Leveraging Creative Tools to Elevate the Learning Experience
    Mat King
  • Table #37
    Piano Steam: A Video Game for Piano Fundamentals
    Andrew Vensel
  • Table #39
    “How Well Do You Know Ireland?” eLearning/Game
    Valerie Mackey
  • Table #40
    Language Leap: A German Learning Adventure Game
    Brittany Breland
  • Table #41
    No Mythstakes—How You Can Gamify Learning
    Jessica Cebulka

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