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DevLearn 2022 will host a dynamic lineup of keynote speakers who will offer refreshing perspectives on important topics including how technology continues to unfold and impact the way we learn and the future of the L&D industry. These sessions will equip you with key takeaways and the inspiration you need to return to work re-energized.

The Future of the Mind

Michio Kaku
Renowned Physicist, Co-Founder of String Theory

In this fascinating keynote based on his newest book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind, Dr. Michio Kaku illustrates the stunning breakthroughs being made in neuroscience, which are finally beginning to unravel the mysteries of the most complex object in the known universe: the human brain.

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Blowing Up Stereotypes in Learning

Kate the Chemist
Professor and Director of Demonstrations and Outreach, Department of Chemistry, University of Texas

In this keynote, we welcome Dr. Kate Biberdorf who will show us how to break through stereotypes and biases that can get in the way of learning. During this explosive keynote filled with entertaining experiments, Dr. Biberdorf shares how she breaks through the assumptions people have about how we teach and what we can learn.

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The Power of Transformative Design

Kevin Bethune
Founder & Chief Creative Officer of dreams • design + life, author of Reimagining Design

In this keynote, Kevin Bethune shows how design provides a unique angle on problem-solving—how it can be leveraged strategically to cultivate innovation and anchor multidisciplinary teamwork. He shares about his personal journey through corporate America, revealing the power of transformative design, multidisciplinary leaps, and diversity.

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Technology Trends That Will Enhance Human Performance

Cori Lathan
Brain Scientist, Technology Pioneer, Founder & CEO, AnthroTronix

In this closing keynote, Dr. Cori Lathan explores the impact of emerging technologies on us as humans, and what that may mean for the future of learning and development. She gives tips on how we can understand and prepare for the changes brought about by these trends and discover how we can shape the human-technology interaction towards the most positive impact.

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