Captivating Keynotes

DevLearn 2021 will host a powerful lineup of keynote speakers who will explore how technology is rapidly changing the way we learn, the power of innovation, and the future of learning as a whole. This epic group of storytellers will interweave their experiences on these topics with the work we do in L&D, leaving you encouraged and inspired.

Learning in the New Normal

John Medina
Brain Scientist & Author

In the opening keynote, we welcome brain scientist John Medina for an exploration of insights from the behavioral sciences that can make this transition remarkably easy—all without losing productivity. This practical keynote describes those insights; with topics ranging from change resistance and social awkwardness, to dealing with grief and loss. The bottom line? The human brain doesn’t like transitions but becomes remarkably good at them if certain behavioral principles are obeyed.

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Think Big

Jennifer Arnold
Co-Star of TLC’s Little Couple, Neonatologist & Cancer Survivor

In this keynote Dr. Arnold shares her personal guide for dreaming big, setting goals, and taking the steps to get there. She will provide heartwarming anecdotes full of grace, humor, and wit as she shares stories detailing her unique approach to encountering life’s greatest difficulties.

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Managing Complexity and Change

Chris Hadfield
Astronaut & Former Commander of the International Space Station

Commanding a spaceship during an emergency has the highest of stakes: human lives, irreplaceably expensive equipment, and worldwide scrutiny. Spaceflight is an unforgiving business, with industry success riding on every launch and critical event. Colonel Chris Hadfield held multiple leadership and management positions during his 21 years in the astronaut corps; navigating tragedy, delays, program changes, and much more.

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I’m Possible: The Power of Overcoming, Resilience & Determination

Richard White
Inspirational Speaker, Professor & Principal Tubist

For our closing keynote, Dr. White will share his inspirational story of a Baltimore kid who battled multiple challenges and cultural barriers including intermittent homelessness, and went on to become the first African American in the world to receive a doctorate of music in tuba. Join us to hear his remarkable story of perseverance and possibility, and gain practical tips on how to be more resilient in your own work.

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