Articulate User Conference

Tuesday, October 25

The Articulate User Conference, hosted by The Learning Guild, returns to Las Vegas this fall as a co-located event with DevLearn 2022.

This year’s conference will feature five unique tracks, providing a wide variety of content perfect for both newbies and seasoned pros. Join a host of well-known Articulate community members such as Jodi Sansone, Samuel Apata, Jonathan Hill, Ashley Chiasson, Ron Price, and more as they share their expertise and awesome tips. 

They’ll be joined by Articulate’s David Anderson, Elizabeth Pawlicki, and Tom Kuhlmann for a great day of networking and learning.

This year’s conference will feature five unique tracks, providing a wide variety of content perfect for both newbies and seasoned pros.

  1. Articulate 360 Foundations: Sessions focused on getting more out of the core functionality of Rise 360, Storyline 360, and other Articulate 360 apps.
  2. Improving Course Design: Improve the quality and engagement of your eLearning courses with the techniques shared in these sessions.
  3. Advanced Course Design: Learn how to extend the authoring capabilities with a focus on JavaScript, xAPI, and other advanced techniques.
  4. Build Accessible Courses: Explore accessibility outside the scope of eLearning and then learn to use the tools and resources to build more accessible courses. 
  5. Showcase & Deconstruction: Quick reviews of some great examples and then discussion and deconstruction to know how they were built so you can apply the ideas to your own courses

Session Schedule

Opening General Session: 8:30a – 9:15a

Overcoming Common Challenges with E-learning

Tom Kuhlmann

Our Articulate User Conference kicks off with an exploration of some of the most common challenges that exist within elearning design and development. Join Tom Kuhlmann for a journey examining the biggest hurdles elearning professionals face in their work, and the strategies that can be applied to overcome them.

Break: 9:15a – 9:30a

Block 1: 9:30a - 10:30a

10 Ways to Use Sliders in Storyline 360

Track: Articulate 360 Foundations

Jodi Sansone

One of the most popular and versatile features in Storyline 360 is the interactive slider. Sliders are fun to create and customize, and learners love using them to explore important topics. In this session, we will review diverse ways to use sliders for presenting lists, timelines, processes, photo galleries, data visualizations, before and after comparisons, visual transitions, and choosing a character for branching scenarios.

Using 360° Images to Give Employees a Realistic Look at Their Work Environment

Track: Improving Course Design

Paul Njuguna

Looking for an easy way to give your employees a realistic look at their work environment? 360° images in Storyline 360 are the perfect solution! In this use case, staff members can virtually explore a product sales floor and pick up valuable information along the way through customized markers that feature audio, video, and images.

Block 1A:
9:30a - 9:55a

Three Common Variable Challenges & How to Resolve Them (25 min)

Track: Advanced Course Design

David Anderson
Variables are one of the most powerful features in Storyline 360, but they can also be one of the most daunting when you’re just getting started. In this session, you’ll learn how to identify and resolve the three most common variable challenges when using variables.

Block 1B:
10:05a - 10:30a

What is xAPI & Why Should I Care? (25 min)

Track: Advanced Course Design

Megan Torrance

Want to build better and more informed learning experiences? xAPI makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has during the course. In this session, we’ll lay the foundation for understanding xAPI: what it is, what’s required, and how it helps build better learning.

What is Accessible E-Learning?

Track: Build Accessible Courses

Elizabeth Pawlicki
In e-learning, the term accessible means the content is designed for all learners—including those with auditory, visual, mobility, or learning disabilities. In this session, we’ll review some of the basic introductory concepts of accessibility in e-learning.We tend to think of alt text as being used for images, but it applies to other types of content as well.

Two Challenge Showcases: Fear and Loathing in E-Learning Quiz & Get Kimiko Branching Video Scenario

Track: Showcase & Deconstruction

Jonathan Hill

In this session, we’ll deconstruct an interactive quiz: Fear and Loathing in E-Learning. This unconventional project combines creative ways to use animated gifs, video backgrounds, random variables, and more to create one of the most engaging examples submitted in the weekly e-learning challenges.

Break: 10:30a – 10:45a

Block 2: 10:45a - 12:00

Block 2A:
10:45a - 11:15a

How I Stumbled Into E-Learning and Became a Successful E-Learning Designer (30 min)

Track: Articulate 360 Foundations

Kandice Kidd

E-learning can be a daunting task for anyone, but especially for those with no experience and also being a team of one. But with some careful planning and execution, it can be a very successful endeavor. Join me in this session as I detail my success with e-learning and provide a simple blueprint to help you get better at course design and become a pro using Articulate 360.

Block 2B:
11:25a - 12:00p

Troubleshooting Storyline 360 Courses: Tips to Keep You on Track! (35 min)

TrackArticulate 360 Foundations

Tom Kuhlmann

Have you created an interaction and can’t figure out why it’s not working as it should? Combining triggers, variables, layers, and objects can be a challenge when trying to troubleshoot an interaction. There are tips and tricks to help resolve issues with your courses. In this session, we’ll review ways to make troubleshooting your courses much easier.

Go Beyond Watching Videos and Create Engaging Learning Experiences

TrackImproving Course Design

Zsolt Olah

Are you looking for creative ways to improve video-based courses? In this session, you’ll learn how to use advanced Storyline elements such as triggers, variables, conditions, and a snippet of JavaScript with a pinch of gamification to transform passive video consumption into a more memorable experience. You’ll also learn how to avoid the common mistakes designers make when creating video learning experiences.

xAPI: Getting Started

TrackAdvanced Course Design

Matthew Kliewer

Want to learn more about xAPI? A first prototype project is the route many new-to-xAPI learning experience designers use to get started. There are many reasons to choose this route: to build an initial xAPI project as a learning experience; to test the waters; or to convince others at the organization to come on board. In this session, we’ll look at some ways to get started with xAPI.

Block 2A:
10:45a - 11:15a

How to Write Alt Text for E-Learning (30 min)

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Ginger Swart

Alternative text, or alt text, is a text for non-text content in web pages. We tend to think of alt text as being used for images, but it applies to other types of content as well. Alt text serves multiple functions: screen readers announce it in place of images; if an image fails to load, the browser will present the alt text visually in place of the image; search engines use it in their assessment of the page’s purpose and content. In this session, we’ll cover how to write alt text for images, charts, and more.

Block 2B:
11:25a - 12:00p

How to Create an Accessibility Checklist (35 min)

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Raye Shilen

Accessible e-learning isn’t a trend, it’s the right thing to do. But if you’ve never built an accessible course, getting started can feel overwhelming. Using a checklist to guide you while you’re building is a simple way to get started and build new habits. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a checklist for you to use to create accessible e-learning courses, regardless of what authoring tool you’re using

Two Challenge Showcases: Safety Equipment Drag & Drop Activity & Bravehearts Interactive Map

TrackShowcase & Deconstruction

Samuel Apata

Discovery activities are a great way to engage learners. In this session, we’ll review a themed, interactive map: Bravehearts, and how it was designed with gorgeous graphics and engaging animations. This project features custom avatars, toggle buttons, animated tooltips, and more.

Lunch: 12:00p – 1:00p

Block 3: 1:00p - 2:00p

Top Tips for Streamlining Your Course Development

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Ashley Chiasson

E-Learning developers spend much of their time working within a development tool, but they may not know how to leverage all of the tool’s secrets and hacks to make their development time more efficient. In this session, I’ll be sharing 40-50 top tips so you can streamline your development within Articulate Storyline 360 and unlock a new level of productivity!

Simulation & Gamification as Part of a Blended Learning Strategy

TrackImproving Course Design

Alex Ryan & Tristia Hennessey

This session is an in-depth look at Evolve’s award winning Taco Builder course developed as part of a blended learning strategy for new hires and existing restaurant employees. We will look at the process and methodology from ideation to implementation and performance measurement. Participants will also be given an opportunity to brainstorm on how this type of gamification and simulation could be utilized within their organizations for task-based learning.

How to Extend Storyline with JavaScript Snippets

TrackAdvanced Course Design

Jeff Batt

JavaScript can be used to extend the capabilities of Articulate Storyline. In this session, we will walk through some common JavaScript triggers that can be used to add functionality like pulling in the current date and time, triggering preformatted emails, generating a certificate with the learner’s name, and working with any API. In this session, we’ll learn to work with JavaScript triggers and how to edit them to get the results you want, even if you’re not a JavaScript expert.

My Course Isn’t Accessible! Now What?

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Raye Shilen

Just about every designer has courses that they’re still responsible for, are still relevant, and unfortunately, aren’t accessible. In this session, we’ll cover how to take an inaccessible course and retrofit it to be more accessible to your learners.

Using Drag & Drop to Simulate Real World Activities

TrackShowcase & Deconstruction

Yvonne Urra-Bazain

How can we engage learners in situations where there may be multiple “correct” answers? In this challenge showcase, we will explore the design and development of a freeform drag and drop deliverable using Storyline 360. We’ll dive into the production process, including applying a Style Guide, workflow tips for inserting vector graphics and working with multiple drag objects, and executing JavaScript to create a print screen for documenting open-ended learner responses

Break: 2:00p – 2:15p

Block 4: 2:15p - 3:15p

Spicing Up Your Rise 360 Course

TrackArticulate 360 Foundations

Brooke Schepker

Want to take your Rise courses out of the box? In this session we’ll explore simple strategies and techniques to spice up your courses and make them more visually engaging.

State of Play: How To Build a Game-Like Quiz in Storyline 360

TrackImproving Course Design

Jonathan Hill

In this session, we’ll deconstruct an interactive quiz. We’ll start by learning how to use Storyline 360’s sliders to create a parallax scrolling background effect. Then how to combine custom quizzing, progress bars, and animated characters into the final project.

Widgets to Help You Do More with Articulate 360

TrackAdvanced Course Design

Nicholas Soldatenko

Authoring is easy enough with Articulate 360, but what if you want more functionality? In this session, we’ll explore some creative ways to extend your course authoring using custom free and low-cost widgets where you can do things like create a leaderboard or use Google Sheets as a simple LMS.

Block 4A:
2:15p - 2:40p

Top 10 Most Helpful Accessibility Tools (25 min)

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Elizabeth Pawlicki

Does this text make any sense? Is a learner with a vision disability going to be able to access this course menu? Is my color contrast good enough on my slide? Where do I get closed captions? These are all questions we may ask ourselves when creating courses, and there are loads of tools out there to help. In this session, I’ll show you my top 10 favorite tools for creating

Block 4B:
2:50p - 3:15p

Making the Business Case for Accessibility (25 min)

TrackBuild Accessible Courses

Leslie McKerchie

Have you hit a roadblock somewhere in your company when trying to advocate for creating accessible courses? Have you been told that creating accessible courses takes too long, is too expensive, and there aren’t enough learners in your company who need accessible courses? Accessibility is not only good for learners – it’s good for business. In this session, we’ll cover how to make the business case for accessible e-learning in your organization.

Block 4A:
2:15p - 2:40p

Challenge Showcase: Zooming in on a Masterpiece (25 min)

TrackShowcase & Deconstruction

Jodi Sansone

Sometimes course creators need to explain a complex visual such as a map, document, form, diagram, or photo. There are many features that can zoom in or isolate parts of a visual to make it more digestible for learners. In this session, we’ll review how to use Storyline’s zoom features, built-in markers, and layers to explore complex visuals.

Block 4B:
2:50p - 3:15p

Storyline Showcase: Adaptive Interactions (25 min)

TrackShowcase & Deconstruction

Alex Ryan & James Oakley

This showcase will demonstrate examples of how Storyline can be used to break down complex technical topics through adaptive interactions and simulations.

Break: 3:15p – 3:30p

Closing General Session: 3:30p - 4:30p

Articulate360: What’s New & What’s Next?

Madison McCartney

Our closing session looks to the future, exploring some of the latest features of Articulate360 that can take your next project to even greater heights, as well as a sneak peak into some of the upcoming features you can look forward to in future updates!

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